2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com

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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by zman » 21 Jan 2015, 07:10

Trixie wrote:Hello All,

Here is what I have to say, I agree 100% that Facebook is NOT the place for this forum to even consider transitioning to. It would be a real shame if Classic Cougar Community Forum should disappear. I for one have absolutely NO use for Facebook or Twitter or any of those types of sites. Did we forget how to communicate with each other unless we post all of our private and personal information online? Sorry, getting a little off track here. I originally looked at becoming a member of MC.net but was rejected because of my email address! Come on, I think we all know what I'm talking about by the Forum Rules statement posted by the site admin. I know a lot of folks here are members of both sites, but MC.net acts like they are better then anybody else and can exclude anyone they wish as their mood dictates. I have NEVER had any issues here with CCC and was accepted from the beginning. I still am unclear how to post photos correctly, but that is a minor issue. I say congrats to this forum and hope it is around for a very long time.
To learn how to post pics go to the bottom of the Forum index page, there are a bunch of how to threads.

https://classiccougarcommunity.com/forum ... m.php?f=46
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by zman » 21 Jan 2015, 07:12

Site works good for me.
Never had any problems logging in.

Had problems on a couple other sites but it was my browser.
I updated and all was good again.
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by mo2872 » 21 Jan 2015, 08:21

No issues logging in, or staying logged in here, either.

NO move to FB.

Though my Cougar time has been drastically limited this year, even to the point of thinking it was sold, I'd hate for CCC to go by the wayside. It's too handy of a site(i.e., no ads bombarding you, among other things).
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by snafu » 21 Jan 2015, 09:09

Activity with any new site is bound to peak at some point - it doesn't necessarily mean there's something wrong.

I like the site the way it is. FB is not for me.
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by ccarney69 » 21 Jan 2015, 10:23

I have never had a problem logging in or staying logged in on this site either!

I'm a member at mc.net for 10 years and I go to that site about once a month. I check into this site 2 to 3 times a day and read almost every post.

I do not have facebook and never will, if there is something on fb that I need to see my wife shows me.

In summary I really enjoy this site and the people associated with it. I will do more to interact with new members to try and keep them coming back and I'll start posting more of what I'm working on rather than just reading.

Thanks for the update!
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by CougarCJ » 21 Jan 2015, 11:56

I think that most of us are on both Cougar forums. I made the choice a while ago. When I see the same question posted on both sites, I respond here at CCC. This place is like Cheers, it is where my friends are, and where everybody knows your name.

This is my primary home, it is where I most want to share knowledge, keep up with my Cougar friends and their cars.

I challenge my Cougar brethren and sisteren, make this your primary home. Lets try to shift the Google ranking to the Classic Cougar Community, which was started, and mostly self supported by a Cougar owner.
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by xr7g428 » 21 Jan 2015, 12:34

I had hoped to get back to this thread yesterday but I was in the garage installing a three wire tach and voltage gauge for an upcoming tech article.

I think I need to do some splainin'.

1. There are no plans to move to Facebook. I am sorry if I made it sound like that was an option. My concern is that Facebook is diluting what we have here by providing Cougar junkies with a cheap hit... LOL! We got the good stuff here and they don't know it.

2. There are no plans to shut down this site. We have gotten pretty good running on a very tight budget, and we are not in peril of having to close up shop.

Here is my main concern: If you come here and there are only a few new posts, you won't come back. The vast majority of folks that come to the site read what is here, never post, or even sign up. That is normal and expected, but it doesn't build new content.

I think we do need to see why some people get logged off. I suspect that there is a setting somewhere for that.

If we are honest, some folks have a hard time remembering their user name and password. Those things have to be exactly right so just the slightest difference won't work. Any suggestions about how we can improve that? Have you come up with a way to help yourself keep track?

Pictures and links could sure be easier, and I will keep bugging Jay to look for any kind of plug-ins that might help. I also want to find out what the extra server space would run to make it easier for users to host images here instead of using photobucket.
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by CatVert68 » 21 Jan 2015, 13:48

On the topic of passwords and being able to easily remember them, I have borrowed a construct from RSA (the information security company). Half of my password is something I know that is only meaningful to me and would be unlikely for anyone to connect with me. The second half is something I always have on hand. Between the two halves, I have a rolling entry that changes periodically. As a result, I have a very strong password that doesn't really take any effort to remember. It sounds a lot more complicated than the reality.

On CCC, I always click the "remember me" box when I have to log in. Every so often, on the order of months, I will have to re-enter my login. Otherwise, as soon as I come into the Board Index page (my bookmark), I'm already logged in and ready to read posts.
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by Comp Elimn8r » 21 Jan 2015, 14:17

Hi all, Im on both Cougar sites and have never had any problems with staying logged in or passwords.
Sites like this are a great resource for knowledge especially if you are new to Cougars and doing a restoration.
Whilst I don't have a lot of Cougar specific knowledge, the key to any forum remaining active and interesting is 'participation', and where I feel I can reply or contribute positively I will.
Im sure anyone that posts a question looks forward to getting a reply or answer and it is a great feeling when you receive positive feedback or comments about your car (for eg)
I pretty much go to new posts or look at the Eliminators for sale (that Mike puts a lot of effort into), but if no one else is posting or showing much interest then any forum starts to lose its appeal.
Cheers Brett
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Re: 2015 State of the ClassicCougarCommunity.Com


Post by 1967 S Code » 21 Jan 2015, 18:28

The Classic Cougar Community is a great site and things can always get better. Heck, just ask a millionaire if they'd like to be a multimillionaire and I bet the answer would be yes. If changes need to be made keep them small and progressive. Small changes can keep old members happy as well as appealing to new visitors/members. I have not had any issue with being able to stay logged on. I check the remember me box when logging in. As far as hosting photos onsite wouldn't that take up server space? Thus increasing operating costs? How about a video tutorial showing members how to post photos from an outside source. This might make it easier for less computer savvy members to follow than the step by step directions listed in the "how to post photos" thread. I'm also unsure of what Tapatalk offers. I use Safari on my iPhone, Chrome on my laptop, IE at work (I work 24hr shifts so we can use the computer :D ) and I see no difference at all. We are all richer for this site being here as a place to share information, stories and a develop the friendships that come along with owning a Classic Cougar. So keep up the great work Bill you're site is the best for Cougar owners.

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