Tell me why?

Okay, lets put it to a vote: were all Cougar Convertibles Red? Is the '68 really the best year of all? This is the place to count the votes and find out.


1. Self gratification
2. Just like them
3. Sentimental reasons
No votes
5. None of the above
Total votes: 64

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Re: Tell me why?


Post by johnboy »

Maybe no paint job yet, Mike, BUT: what a ride!
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Re: Tell me why?


Post by 1969XR7Vert »

Tell me why?

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Tell me why?


Post by tmh »

This reminds me of a similar poll I wanted to create but can't because I access the forum using Tapatalk.

My question was, which do you enjoy the most?

1) driving your Cougar
2) working on your Cougar
3) looking at your Cougar or photos of it

And then for split decisions,

4) tied, both 1+2
5) tied, both 2+3
6) tied, both 1+3
7) three way tie

Personally I think I'm at #7 at this point.
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Re: Tell me why?


Post by mo2872 »

Hmmm.....I'd have to be a #4......I've enjoyed the "working" on it, but I LOVE firing it up and DRIVING, now!
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Re: Tell me why?


Post by Local Hero »

#4...tied for 1 and 2
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Re: Tell me why?


Post by 68PUMA »

#5...tied for 2 and 3 since the car is a shell and I can't drive it right now. John
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Re: Tell me why?


Post by Al Bundy »

#5 only because I can't drive any of them yet.
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Re: Tell me why?


Post by 1967 S Code »

I would say my reason is number 3 first and foremost. My father built a Lincoln Mercury dealership and my Grandfather bought his 1967 standard (my first car) there. My second car was a 68 standard. Between my five older brothers and myself our first car was our grandfathers 67. It was handed down to each of us as our first car. By the time I got my license an started driving it was in rough shape. The memories are beautiful to this day. I spoke with my brother today (630 miles away) and some part of our conversation always includes Cougar talk.

Why? That's why #3 is for me. :D

Oh! My kids think the Cougar is cool. :thumbup:

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Re: Tell me why?


Post by wonderwrench »

I picked 3 Sentimental reasons because my father was the original owner. He special ordered it brand new. It's not an XR7 as he hated the fake wood grain dash and its not a big block car because he fell in love with Ford small blocks in previous cars he owned. I almost picked 2 Just like them. 67-68 Cougars are one of if not the best looking cars of all time IMO though I would take any 67-73 Cougar in a heartbeat.

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Re: Tell me why?


Post by coug67 »

Started with just like them. then turned into self gratification. then sentimental. and soon trophies!
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