Brake master residual valve

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Re: Brake master residual valve


Post by leonbray » 05 Aug 2018, 21:16

Aussiexr7 wrote:
02 Aug 2018, 20:37
Hi Leon. Sounds very similar. Will try backing bleeders right out then pedal bleeding again.
How is that firewall tidy up going?
Hi Steve

428 tidy up is finished. Took it for a run and brakes are a bit soft, with long pedal travel. Will need to adjust the rod from booster. Used the AU Falcon V8 hoses and control valve but still had to shorten up the heater outlets to get the hoses to clear the back of the head - even with the tight radius on the Falcon hoses

Parked the 428 and found oil on the ground. Was starting to curse the brakes but realised that it was coming from a strange location.Looks like the convertible top cylinder seals have gone. I swear that car is out to get me.

Current brake problem is on 69 vert. Just rebuilt calipers, new rear shows and drums, new master cylinder but it looks like one of the diaphrams in the booster might have a slow leak. Going to leave it until after local car show in September and then pull it apart for power windows, new brake lines, XG steering column with controls, remove LPG and put back on petrol, 911 seats and replace VL Commodore a/c with converted 70 a/c box with 4 speed XG Falcon fan. Might even put in the LS and 4 speed if I get the inclination.

I'm on a first name basis with the guys at local brake place and they are giving me trade prices.The only benefit of 4 brake system rebuilds in 2 years.
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Re: Brake master residual valve


Post by Aussiexr7 » 08 Aug 2018, 01:03

Sounds like you’re making more progress than me. I am starting to think there is fundamentally something wrong with the pedal relationship to the booster due to RHD conversion. Pedal is now relatively high and firm but feels like no power assist. Booster passes tests in shop manual but brakes feel unassisted.
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