Sway bars / suspension upgrades

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Sway bars / suspension upgrades


Post by hesmytaxguy »

Hello all,
I'm new to this forum and will appreciate any comments. I have a 68 and am in the process of getting the steering and suspension in better shape so that it performs well but is still comfortable for "straight ahead" driving. I'm doing the following: 1) new coils / leaf springs, 2) 4 Bilstein shocks, 3) export brace and considering adding sway bars. Two questions: 1) would you add bars for both front and back and 2) what size would you use? The car is a 302 with a 3 speed auto.

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Re: Sway bars / suspension upgrades


Post by CSC5 »

Brad - Welcome! I'd try posting up in the maintenance & repair sub-forum. This sub-forum is more for how to best use the forum itself.

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Re: Sway bars / suspension upgrades


Post by coachJack »


Here is a link where our Cats suspension had been discussed:
http://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/sho ... uggestions

The Cougars came stock with a front sway bar, but I upgraded to the 1 inch sway bar on my ride. As far as rear sway bar, there are kits available but they require mods to the rear.

Make sure to check all of your suspension components (ie: upper and lower ball joints, control arm bushings, etc...) and replace them (if needed) when you have the springs out.

Good Luck

Coach Jack

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