Colo. Cougar Club Information

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Colo. Cougar Club Information


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Contact information for the Colorado Cougar Club: Please see our Facebook page!

Updated Dec 29 2016:

All classic Mercury Cougar owners are invited to join the Colorado Cougar Club in 2017 Celebrating the 50th anniv of the Mercury Cougar. We will have our annual CougarFest (Date to be confirmed) Celebrating this special year, highlighting our members 1967 Cougars. This is a free show for all Mercury Cougars, their owners & and the public. Free food & pop!

Prizes for every Mercury Cougar to show up!

Other fun & interesting awards too!

- Please send PM or contact The Colorado Cougar Club on facebook.

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1970 Eliminator Boss 302
1969 XR-7 428 R-code 4 speed
1969 Std. 428 R-code C-6
1969 XR-7 Convertible 351 AOD
1969 XR-7 Convertible 428 C6
1969 XR-7 351 5 speed "RestoMod" New 525Hp "pacemaker"
1968 XR-7 302-4v 4 Speed (J-code) Painted and under construction
1967 XR-7 302 & AOD Green- Wife's Cat

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