Cougar Life, Again

This is the place for your Cougar adventure stories. Do you drive your Classic Cougar? Tell us about it!
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Cougar Life, Again


Post by VMacKenzie »

I'm a new member here. I'm more of a GM guy and have owned quite a few Buicks, right now a nice unrestored 1938 Special sedan and a OK 1976 Skylark. My Cougar experience started with two older cousins, brothers, who both had 1968 Cougars in the 80s: Eldon had a green GT with parchment Deluxe interior, Darrell a blue car with black Deluxe interior and J-code 302. I have good memories of cruising around with them in the mid 80s (I didn't have a license yet). Eldon would drive the wheels off his (and made regular trips to the gas station) while Darrell pampered his. They raced a few times and while the GT was always quick off the line Darrell's 302 was no slouch and he could hang with him very well.

Eldon on had his a few years and sold it (regrets it), Darrell still has his and it's in fantastic condition. He bought it in 1980.

I bought my own '68 in 1993, a saxony Standard with black top. It had AC and tilt-away steering. It was my daily driver for quite a few years, but being a young guy and the fact it had a lot of rust it is now in serious need of restoration. It's beyond my funds and ability at the moment, but I am hanging onto it indefinitely. An interesting piece about this car is about 12 years ago I was thumbing through the owner's manual and saw the original's owner's name and address. For fun I threw a postcard in the mail and a week later I got a phone call from him. I was surprised that 39 years later he was still at the same address. He lived on Long Island and he was kicking around on a day off, and was thinking things were going pretty good in his life. That day he impulsively stopped by the Mercury dealer and ordered himself a Cougar. He was 52 at the time. He took delivery in December 1967 and kept it until 1990. His daughter ended up driving it most of the time. I talked to him several times until around 3 years ago, he was a hoot. He finally passed away at 102.

My goal is to eventually restore that car. Needs floor pans and has many holes in the firewall and wheelwells. Needs the entire drivetrain rebuilt and front suspension. Upholstery is still great though.

In the meantime I have a line on a '68 that I'm planning to pick up which I hope to have possession of in a couple weeks. At least this time around this Cat will get plenty of pampering and has a nice garage to live in. But it will get driven regularly! I'm super excited because it's been 9+ years since I've been behind the wheel of a Cougar. Attached is a pic of my Saxony '68 from 2009 when out cruising with my buddy in his '68 Camaro. Also a recent one of my cousin's '68.
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Re: Cougar Life, Again


Post by ssava »

Congrats and welcome!
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Re: Cougar Life, Again


Post by R Code »

Nice intro, post some pics when the new ride arrives!
- Chris

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Re: Cougar Life, Again


Post by Al Bundy »

Love the blue one.
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Re: Cougar Life, Again


Post by Cougars_R_Grr8 »

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Re: Cougar Life, Again


Post by 1967 S Code »

Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. It’s always great to have another new member. Thanks for sharing your story.


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Re: Cougar Life, Again


Post by VMacKenzie »

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I will definitely share some pictures when I bring the new Cougar home. Here I am with my Saxony the day I bought it, April 4, 1993. Second is our dog Ginger making use of the shade of Darrell's in May 1983. He was working a summer job at a service station in Denver CO and the lady who owned it brought it there for service. He liked the car and eventually she sold it to him. It was green at the time, he had it painted a year or two later. In the late 80s he moved to Alaska and drove it up there. The environment took a toll on the car, and it was stolen and driven into the ditch by an intoxicated local once. Several years later he moved back to Washington and the body gone through and repainted then and it's been taken good care of since.
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