I want a Cougar

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I want a Cougar


Post by Travis98146 »

Years ago I bought a '67 Cougar from my best friend's daughter. I had been doing her maintenance and she wanted it to go to someone who would take care of it. After some years I swapped in a 1970 LTD 390 and C6 trans. My wife at the time kept saying she wanted a Cougar too so I bought her a '67. It was later stolen and totaled in a wreck. She asked why I bought it back from the insurance company and I said I would rebuild it for her. I didn't understand why she said "NO"" until she said "I didn't want A Cougar, I wanted your Cougar". Years later, that wife left but my Cougar stayed.

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Re: I want a Cougar


Post by Cougars_R_Grr8 »

'68 Standard Cougar - 302 2v F Code ***NEW***
'68 Standard Cougar - 302 4v J Code 4 spd (1 of 536) *SOLD*
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Re: I want a Cougar


Post by droptopcat70 »

I went thru a somewhat similar situation. When I was dating my ex g/f in high school (1990-1992) timeframe. We were talking about getting married in 1994. Well after my senior prom in 1992 we went our separate ways as prior to that senior prom she mentioned to me and I quote " once we get married that car (cougar) is gone!!" Well 30 years later she is gone but the car is still with me lol...

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Re: I want a Cougar


Post by superwasp262 »

Lol. I love it. Well, quality relationships do last a lifetime.

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Re: I want a Cougar


Post by Proeliator »

I find the steel Cougars to be a little more reliable than the the flesh Cougars. Just sayin'

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Re: I want a Cougar


Post by whitelightning777 »

Go for it!!

Just make sure a mechanic looks at it first. The amount of work required varies wildly.

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